Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Portion Control

Here is some food for thought!

I just got back from a camping trip with my family, and of course when you go camping you have got to make s mores!

My brother and sister in law made sure we were equipped with the finest GIANT MARSHMALLOWS, delicious graham crackers, and of course the best part, chocolate squares.

Being the dietitian of the family I looked at these giant marshmallows and thought...."I wonder how many calories are in these?" 90 calories was the answer! I put one on a stick, shoved a chocolate square in it and started the roasting process.

Across from me was my other sister in law roasting the typical sized marshmallows. So I had to ask, "how many calories are in those?" 40 calories for 2 was the answer.

Typically I would be satisfied eating one regular s mores, but these giant marshmallows where just too cool to pass up!
So instead of eating 1 marshmallows on my s mores (20 calories) by choosing the cool GIANT MARSHMALLOW I was accidentally eating 4 (90 calories)!

WOW that is what you call portion distortion!

Here are some tips to cut back on portions, thus decreasing calorie consumption.

*Eat off of a smaller plate

*Use smaller spoons and forks. Set down your spoon or fork after each bite.

*When at a social event (BBQ, open house, pot-luck, etc) fill your plate only to the inside circle instead of all the way to the outside rim.

*After you are full, don't leave the plate of unfinished food in front of you, push it away of set a napkin on top to limit mindless eating while socializing.

*Read labels on food to see what the appropriate portion is

*If you over do it! Get up and MOVE!

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