Thursday, December 23, 2010

Navigating the Super Market- Shopping Advice

Tips to keep you on track while at the super market:

  • Shop the perimeter of the market- Produce, deli, dairy

  • Purchase fresh foods (no labels) these foods are going to be less processed and provide the best nutrition.

  • Choose whole foods (bread, cereal, produce, dairy) vs modified food products (fruit snacks, diet soda, cheese spread)

Meal planning
Planning meals can save time and money:

  • Look through the paper and circulars - know the advertised specials

  • Sit down with you family and write out menus- Choose a shopping cycle (weekly, biweekly, or whatever works best)

Store layout                                                                                             

  •  Walk the perimeter of the market- see where your favorite foods are

  • Learn the store’s perimeter arrangement, which should include produce, prepared foods, deli, meats, seafood, and dairy

Become familiar with

  • Nutrition labels

  • Ingredients- ingredients are listed by weight, so the item that is used most is listed first.

  • Nutrition and health claims- beware of health claims. For example, just because something says it is fat free doesn’t mean it is good for you.


  •  Select a rainbow of colors

  •  To save money buy what is in season

  • Select produce with the longest storage life. Some include:

  1.  Broccoli

  2.  Brussels sprouts

  3.  Carrots

  4.  Potatoes

  5. Apples

  6. Grapefruit

  7.  Oranges


  • Ask deli to slice 1-ounce (oz) portions when cutting meats. Eat 3-4oz per meal.

  • Chose white meat (lean protein) vs. dark meat (medium to high fat protein)


  • Choose darker fish. They are higher in omega-3s, such as mackerel and salmon

  • Chose most often lower-fat fish, such as perch, snapper, and sole

  • To save money consider purchasing frozen fish

Beef and pork

  • Choose “round” and “loin”, such as tenderloin, sirloin, eye of the round, and top round

  • Purchase “select” (lowest fat) as first choice, “choice “as second choice, “prime” as third choice

  • When Choosing pork make sure that it is gray/pink in color

  •  Beef should be bright red in color


  • Purchase mostly skinless chicken, turkey, and duck

  • Remove the skin before cooking, if skinless poultry is not purchased

Chose lower fat options to save on liquid calories and fat grams:

  • 1% milk=2.5 grams fat/serving

  • 3.3% (whole milk)= about 8 grams fat/serving


  • Shelf life of eggs is usually 4 weeks after purchase (check carton for date)

  • To cut on calories and fat try using Egg Beaters® as an alternative to whole eggs

Frozen fruits and vegetables

  • Frozen fruit and veggies are packed at their peak of flavor and freshness

  • Be careful. Although frozen produce has just as much nutrition as fresh fruits and vegetables they often have added fat or sugar. Read the labels and ingredients lists.

Happy Shopping!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

7 Components of Wellness

Contributed from RD411- Shawna Gornick- Ilagan, MS, RD, CWPC

In 2011 commit to movings towards a higher level of wellness! Wellness encompasses our whole being= mind, body, and spirit. Is there one area that is lacking in your quest for wellness?    

Here are some tips for achieving each component of Wellness

1. Social wellness:
• Schedule a game night
• Watch a funny movie with friends
• Join an organization
• Do not gossip and become a good listener

2. Environmental wellness:
• Fix something that is broken
• Recycle
• Plant a tree
• Donate blood
• Donate food or clothes

3. Vocational or occupational wellness:
• Pursue continuing education opportunities
• Reflect on your career goals and aspirations each year

4. Spiritual wellness:
• Develop a life philosophy and live by it
• Practice compassion and acceptance

5. Emotional wellness:
• Smile as many times as you can in a day
• Adopt an attitude of optimism

6. Intellectual wellness:
• Learn a new language
• Take a workshop or course for a new skill or hobby

7. Physical wellness:
• Drink plenty of fluids
• Aim for 25-35 grams of fiber/day
• Aim for five servings of fruits and vegetables/day
• Wear your seat belt
• Get preventative exams

Commit to a 12 month wellness Program!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Working Towards a Leaner Body

There are three different parts to fitness that allow your body to work at its full potential. It is important to take time to engage in strength, flexibility, and endurance exercises! 

Make a game plan

Write down exercises that your can do in each of these categories




Ask yourself these questions

When will I exercise on the week day?

Before work,   After work,  At lunch, Before dinner , After dinner              

When will I exercise on the weekend?

Morning ,  Afternoon,  Evening

Who will I exercise with?

Family, Friend,  Neighbor, Other_____________

Monday, December 20, 2010

Daily Nutrition Checklist

Daily Nutrition Checklist

Are you keeping on track? Here is a list to keep you in check!

  • Limit salt intake to 2400mg

  • 25-35 grams fiber per day

  • 5 a day (fruits and veggies)

  • 3 servings of milk/dairy per day (nonfat milk, low fat cheese/yogurt)

  • At least 64 oz of water per day

  • Not skipping meals (going no longer than 4 hours without eating)

  • Protein at each meal and snack ( lean meats, nuts, beans, eggs, diary)

  • EXERCISE ( mix of cardio and resistance training, also stretching)

  • Variety of CHO, FAT, PRO


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meal Plan- COSTCO style

I dont know about you, but I love shopping at Costco! Costco has high quality foods, and great prices!

Here is days menu using many of my favorite items from Costco.  

Breakfast- Protein shake

            Chocolate Whey Protein

            1 c. skim milk

            1 Tbsp peanut butter

            Ice if desired

Blend all ingredients in a blender and enjoy

 Snack- 1 Chobani Greek yogurt

Lunch-Chicken tortilla wrap with an apple & TLC granola bar 

            1 all natural tortilla

            3-4 oz canned chicken

            Organic mixed greens

            Mustard and mayo to taste

            Organic appleSee full size image

            Kashi TLC granola bar 

Snack- Steamed edamame topped with garlic salt to taste

Dinner- Mahi Mahi  with a side salad and quinoa

            Mahi Mahi fillet (baked, grilled, or sautéed) with lemon pepper to taste

            Mixed greens salad with snap peas, dressing of choice

            QuinoaSee full size image with olive oil, salt and pepper to taste     

Snack- Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips & hummus

What are some of your favorite healthful foods to get at Costco? Or, is there a better place to find them?

 It's time to make my shopping list!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Blues- Getting Your Vitamin D

What is the big deal about vitamin D ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                           A walk outside in the sun may have more benefits than you think! Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) although mainly known to help in the absorption of calcium to help maintain strong bones has been linked as a protective factor in cancer, depression, diabetes, heart disease and many autoimmune diseases. More research is being done to look at vitamin D and the correlation between upper respiratory tract infections, MS, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia.

 How do I get enough Vitamin D in the winter?                                                                                                                                                                                             GOOD QUESTION! It is recommended to get 10 minutes of sunshine per day at least 3 times per week. For those of us living in the Northwest or other areas of the country with long dark winters this can be a problem.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Some dietary sources of Vitamin D include

  •             Fortified milk

  •             Eggs

  •             Fish

  •             Cod liver oil

Getting checked our for a vitamin D deficiency                                                                                                                                                                                                     A routine blood draw can be done to test vitamin D levels. In our facility, Surgical Bariatrics Northwest, we typically screen our patients. To our surprise many people are deficient in Vitamin D. By ensuring that they are getting proper vitamin D through supplementation patients are more likely to feel better. Some state they have more energy, less pain and just feel better. You can overdose on vitamin D. If you are unsure of how much to take make sure to talk to your healthcare provider about supplementation.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hindrances to Weight Loss- Women

Below is a list of WOMEN specific hinderances to weight loss

Eating on the run

Hectic lives don’t leave much room for sit down meals. Often women find themselves running from point A to point B and don’t even stop to enjoy what they have shoved in their mouths. Another common problem is not eating! This will cause your hunger hormones to get out of control so that when you do it you often over consume!

  • Be prepared - Pack snacks

  • Take a moment to sit down and enjoy what you are eating

  • Ask for nutrition information from your favorite fast food spots. Make an informative decision about what you are eating.

Nighttime eating

The house is quite and you are ready to relax! It is time to grab those crunchy chips or smooth ice cream and crawl up on the couch.

  • Stop and ask yourself if you are really hungry

  • Distract yourself with something else like relaxing with a good book or a card game

  • Turn towards a nice low cal drink like herbal tea or flavored water

 Preparing multiples meals

It is hard to please everyone and by the time the meal is done you are already full because you have to taste everything as you cook it! Now you don’t even feel like eating a balanced meal.

  • Make a game plan: decide what you want to eat for your meal before preparing

  • Compromise with your family and try to come up with meal everyone will eat so that you do not have to make multiple items.

  • Chew gum or cut up veggies while preparing food so that you do not use up all your calories before it is even meal time.

 Eating like a man

Going out to eat seems to be a common event between couples. Often we will unconsciously eat the same as the person they are dinning with.

  •  Get a box when your meal comes out so you can put half in before you eat

  •   Scope out the menu for healthful food choices

  •   If you know you are going to splurge – BE ACTIVE

Emotional eating

Food is always around us. Women tend to hold in their feelings. We need comfort from somewhere. Why not food? Food won’t think less of us or talk back. Food seems to be the easy choice for comfort in a difficult time.

  • Distract yourself with other activities that can help you deal with your emotions

    • A brisk walk    

    • A bubble bath

  • Try to find low-fat or reduced calorie choices to your favorite comfort foods

  • Decipher what feeling will cause you to over indulge so you are aware of them

 Just remember, if we are better able to take care of ourselves we will be able to better serve others! Make youself number ONE!