Thursday, December 23, 2010

Navigating the Super Market- Shopping Advice

Tips to keep you on track while at the super market:

  • Shop the perimeter of the market- Produce, deli, dairy

  • Purchase fresh foods (no labels) these foods are going to be less processed and provide the best nutrition.

  • Choose whole foods (bread, cereal, produce, dairy) vs modified food products (fruit snacks, diet soda, cheese spread)

Meal planning
Planning meals can save time and money:

  • Look through the paper and circulars - know the advertised specials

  • Sit down with you family and write out menus- Choose a shopping cycle (weekly, biweekly, or whatever works best)

Store layout                                                                                             

  •  Walk the perimeter of the market- see where your favorite foods are

  • Learn the store’s perimeter arrangement, which should include produce, prepared foods, deli, meats, seafood, and dairy

Become familiar with

  • Nutrition labels

  • Ingredients- ingredients are listed by weight, so the item that is used most is listed first.

  • Nutrition and health claims- beware of health claims. For example, just because something says it is fat free doesn’t mean it is good for you.


  •  Select a rainbow of colors

  •  To save money buy what is in season

  • Select produce with the longest storage life. Some include:

  1.  Broccoli

  2.  Brussels sprouts

  3.  Carrots

  4.  Potatoes

  5. Apples

  6. Grapefruit

  7.  Oranges


  • Ask deli to slice 1-ounce (oz) portions when cutting meats. Eat 3-4oz per meal.

  • Chose white meat (lean protein) vs. dark meat (medium to high fat protein)


  • Choose darker fish. They are higher in omega-3s, such as mackerel and salmon

  • Chose most often lower-fat fish, such as perch, snapper, and sole

  • To save money consider purchasing frozen fish

Beef and pork

  • Choose “round” and “loin”, such as tenderloin, sirloin, eye of the round, and top round

  • Purchase “select” (lowest fat) as first choice, “choice “as second choice, “prime” as third choice

  • When Choosing pork make sure that it is gray/pink in color

  •  Beef should be bright red in color


  • Purchase mostly skinless chicken, turkey, and duck

  • Remove the skin before cooking, if skinless poultry is not purchased

Chose lower fat options to save on liquid calories and fat grams:

  • 1% milk=2.5 grams fat/serving

  • 3.3% (whole milk)= about 8 grams fat/serving


  • Shelf life of eggs is usually 4 weeks after purchase (check carton for date)

  • To cut on calories and fat try using Egg Beaters® as an alternative to whole eggs

Frozen fruits and vegetables

  • Frozen fruit and veggies are packed at their peak of flavor and freshness

  • Be careful. Although frozen produce has just as much nutrition as fresh fruits and vegetables they often have added fat or sugar. Read the labels and ingredients lists.

Happy Shopping!!

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