Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hindrances to Weight Loss- Women

Below is a list of WOMEN specific hinderances to weight loss

Eating on the run

Hectic lives don’t leave much room for sit down meals. Often women find themselves running from point A to point B and don’t even stop to enjoy what they have shoved in their mouths. Another common problem is not eating! This will cause your hunger hormones to get out of control so that when you do it you often over consume!

  • Be prepared - Pack snacks

  • Take a moment to sit down and enjoy what you are eating

  • Ask for nutrition information from your favorite fast food spots. Make an informative decision about what you are eating.

Nighttime eating

The house is quite and you are ready to relax! It is time to grab those crunchy chips or smooth ice cream and crawl up on the couch.

  • Stop and ask yourself if you are really hungry

  • Distract yourself with something else like relaxing with a good book or a card game

  • Turn towards a nice low cal drink like herbal tea or flavored water

 Preparing multiples meals

It is hard to please everyone and by the time the meal is done you are already full because you have to taste everything as you cook it! Now you don’t even feel like eating a balanced meal.

  • Make a game plan: decide what you want to eat for your meal before preparing

  • Compromise with your family and try to come up with meal everyone will eat so that you do not have to make multiple items.

  • Chew gum or cut up veggies while preparing food so that you do not use up all your calories before it is even meal time.

 Eating like a man

Going out to eat seems to be a common event between couples. Often we will unconsciously eat the same as the person they are dinning with.

  •  Get a box when your meal comes out so you can put half in before you eat

  •   Scope out the menu for healthful food choices

  •   If you know you are going to splurge – BE ACTIVE

Emotional eating

Food is always around us. Women tend to hold in their feelings. We need comfort from somewhere. Why not food? Food won’t think less of us or talk back. Food seems to be the easy choice for comfort in a difficult time.

  • Distract yourself with other activities that can help you deal with your emotions

    • A brisk walk    

    • A bubble bath

  • Try to find low-fat or reduced calorie choices to your favorite comfort foods

  • Decipher what feeling will cause you to over indulge so you are aware of them

 Just remember, if we are better able to take care of ourselves we will be able to better serve others! Make youself number ONE!

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