Monday, September 13, 2010

Perspective is Everything

Do I really want to be so involved with nutrition?
Many of you know that food is not only a physical need but many people use it to deal with their emotions. Since there is such a mental component associated with food intake, sometime I feel helpless because I can't change the way a person thinks. I can only help them by giving them tools to encourage lifestyle change.

Lately I have honestly been feeling a little burned out. Have you ever felt this way about the current situation you are in?

It is amazing how God speaks to you in your times of confusion. At church we are in a series called Take This Job and Love It! A couple things that stood out to me and that might encourage you include:

God designed you for a purpose. I think it is very important to remind ourselves of this. Does your job fit your values?Does it fit your gifts?Does it fit your personality?

Keys to Job Satisfaction:
1- Work in a field that uses your gifts and talents that you use for accomplishments of meaningful tasks (use your God given talents)
2- Work at building healthy relationships within your work. If an issue needs to be resolved take the first step. If you don't no one else will!
3- Perspective is everything. Work at developing the right attitude.
"Do the best where you are at in this moment because that is the best

preparation for what is to come."

I have committed to doing the best I can right now! I truly feel that I have been called to be a dietitian and fitness professional! All I need is a change of perspective! I was placed on this earth to encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle so that they are able to give back and do the work God has designed them to do! What were you designed to do?

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