Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Burn- Treadmill Interval Training

Do you ever get bored while working out? I sure do! My cure for the cardio blues is busting out some intervals on the treadmill! Watching the clock makes me forget about what I am doing, PLUS it is quick and effective! 

 Here is a great treadmill workout that is sure to burn some of those extra holiday calories!

25-30 minutes

5 min walk at brisk pace ( 3.0-4.0 mph- adjust to your level and add an incline if you choose)

        INTERVALS  (repeat 7-8 times)
  • 90 seconds jogging (5-6 mph- adjust accordingly)

  • 30 seconds sprint (7.5-9 mph- adjust accordingly)

 5 minute cool-down walk (3.0-4.0 mph. add a small incline if you choose)

Not a runner?? Any pace will work! Start where you feel comfortable! It might even take a couple of times to find the perfect settings for yourself!

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